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At Bay Area Slinging Club, our purpose is to foster a vibrant and passionate community of slingers. Whether you are looking to compete, learn something interesting, or connect with fellow slingers, join us to discover the history, master the techniques, and experience the thrill of slinging. 


What is slinging?

Slinging is an ancient skill that involves propelling projectiles using a sling. It utilizes a captivating combination of technique, precision, and rhythm to achieve impressive distances and power. As both a captivating art form and a sport, slinging offers a unique blend of historical connection, physicality, and skillful execution. Whether pursued for recreation, historical interest, or as a personal challenge, slinging offers an engaging journey of exploration and mastery.

Slinging in action

The following videos demonstrate the intensity of slinging and showcase the skill, precision, and raw power of this ancient sport.

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